In addition to the gear at blackbird  - Bryan also brings gear from his own collection as needed to various projects and recordings.

Select outboard gear:
Shadow Hills Gamma 4 w/ Iron mod
Shadow Hills Stereo Optograph Compressor
EMI Zener Limiter
Manley Massive Passive
Ampex 350 (3)
Ampex 601 (2)

UA LA-610 mkII
Orban 622B parametric eq

Altec 1591A
Altec 352A
Tascam 3030 reel to reel 1/4"
Dynaudio Bm15A pr.
Neumann KH120 pr.
Sennheiser HD650
Audio Technica MT50 (4)

1959 Shure 300 ribbon 
1947 RCA 77D
1941 RCA Varacoustic
Cloud JRS34 ribbon (matched pair)
Cloud JRS44 ribbon
Placid Audio Copperphone
Mojave MA100
Rode NT2
Rode K2
Rode NT1A
Rode NT5 (matched pair)
Pelulso U47SE
Peluso C12
Peluso P28 (matched pair)
Kel Audio HM2D
Kel Audio HM3C (pair)
Kel Audio HM7U (pair)
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 58
many others.....


Software / VST / DAW:
Pro Tools 2020

Adobe Creative Suite 2020

Final Cut Pro X
Abelton Live
Sibelius Ultimate
Finale 2019

UAAD LUNA + Ultimate bundle
ALL Toontrack Products

Fab Filter complete
NI Komplete Ultimate 12
Waves Mercury (plus Abbey Road collection)
Abbey Road complete vst bundle
SPL bundle
Lexicon Bundle
Brainworks suite
Ohmforce bundle
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus
EastWest  Silk
EastWest  Fab Four
EastWest  Quantum Leap Pianos
EastWest Symphonic Choirs
Antares Alalog Lab V7
FabFilter bundle
Project SAM
G-force Mtron Pro
Spectrasonics (Trilian, Omnisphere, Stylus)
Spitfire Audio 
many, many, many more!



1865 Zogbaum & Fairchild Acoustic Guitar
1959 Magnatone 8 string Lap Steel

1960 Fender Stratocaster "Jezebel"

1961 Fender Custom Telecaster "Annabelle"
1962 Fender Custom Telecaster
2005 Fender Bullet ('51) - reissue

2007 Fender Custom Shop "Mary Kaye" Stratocaster

1975 Fender Jazz Bass "Calvin"

2016 Fender Jazz Bass (Adam Clayton Custom)

1966 Gretsch 6120dc "Bevo"
2008 Getsch Little Sweetheart

1958 Gibson Les Paul (R8) "Cheeto"
2013 Gibson SG Custom

2016 Gibson SG "Panda"

1990 Jerry Jones Master Sitar Guitar "Spike"
2000 Collings D1A
2005 Collings City Limits Jazz
2006 Collings I-35 Deluxe

2007 Collings D2HA
2012 Collings Eastside LC Deluxe Custom

2013 Collings MF5 Mandolin

2016 Collings OM2HE short scale
2017 Collings O2HG

2018 Collings 360 Baritone 

2008 Circa Guitars - John Slobod (dreadnaught)

2005 National Estralita Deluxe

1999 Ramirez Classical

2016 Hirade Classical
1997 Forshage "Haiku" 17" Archtop
2005 Meredith Squareneck Resonator guitar
2008 Meredith Squareneck "Hawaiian" guitar

2014 Mullen G2 D10 Pedal Steel Guitar


1969 Fender Vibrolux
1965 Fender Princeton Reverb

Fender Champion 600

Fender Blues Juinor
Bogner Shiva 1X12"

Friedman JJ Jr head and cab

1959 Ampeg Reverberocket
1963 Ampeg Jet J12

1965 Ampeg Gemini II

1967 Ampeg Gemini II (mod)
1990 Ampeg Superjet

Headstrong Li' King S 1X12"

Evans RE200 2x10"


Line 6 Helix

Eventide Mod Factor
Eventide Time Factor (2)
Eventide Pitch Factor

Electro Harmonix POG2

Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run 

Big Joe 401
Big Joe 402

Big Joe 403
Big Joe 404
Big Joe Phaser

Korg X3 (w foot controller)
Xotic BB booster (2)

Xotic AC booster (2)

Xotic RC booster
Xotic EP booster
Xotic SP compressor
Malekko spring
Malekko comp
Fulltone fulldrive 2
Fulltone supatrem
Fulltone deja vibe
Fulltone OCD

Fulltone fat boost2
Hermidia Zendrive
Line 6 HX

RMC wah (2)
TC Electronic Nova Delay

TC Electronic Ditto Looper
TC Electronic Ditto X4
Mooer hustle drive
Mooer Shimverb
Mooer Reel Echo
Rotosound 1960 Fuzz
Jack Deville Buzzmaster

Outlaw Effects Dead Man's Hand OD (3) 
Outlaw Effects Vigilante Chorus

Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Delay

Outlaw Effects 24K reverb

Outlaw Effects Widowmaker Distortion

Outlaw Effects Hangman OD (2)

Outlaw Effects Lock/Stock and Barrel FUZZ

Boss SY300 Guitar Synth

Boss GT3


and many, many more.....