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Written, played, mixed, and produced

by Bryan Clark

County lines are strange things and what you see right now

Are dim rays of flashlights the darkest edge of town
Two can hustle for the price of one of they're quick and the bend that fence
Crowbar through the barbed wire - hook the bottom to the elbow end
"Bienvenida"...a welcome sign is what you'll never find


I fell in love with the 7th child of a Mazatec Shaman priest

Western Union down to Mexico every week to buy her way Northeast

Sent word to the Coyotes, who shepherd in a quarter million
passports in a burlap bag and only 3,000 apprehensions


50 miles away, the coyotes call and the desert comes alive

50 miles away, she boulders through the darkness of night
while there's still time, she's my Revelation I'm praying to find


Caffeine  in the blood veins keep moving and don't get wet
animal or vegetable eat anything you can get
a dirty pistol and a rosary and true love safe for the keeping
pop your blisters when you think of me and keep your mouth shut when you sleep


50 miles away, the Coyotes take your money and make you bruise

50 miles away, I'm praying under a fingernail moon

there's not much time, before the border Federales take aim on what's mine

50 miles away, the Coyotes steal your diamonds and drink your wine

50 miles away, I know you're out there crawling in the night, use my compass to guide
I'll br sleeping down in the train yard by the box car with your bridal veil hanging from the side

50 miles away



I was in the front seat of a rusted-out Dodge, Grandma's hand on my knee
8 years old, off a strip mined road, she said "there's something that you need to see."

I saw a faded white steeple in the pine trees, and a graveyard of tilted stones

pulled around the  back, pulled some pies from a sack, and I could hear a congregation singing low


I met the preacher's daughters - they tied ribbons 'round my hands

kissed me in the Kudzu and laughed as they ran

gonna be here until that big moon shines

at the Alabama Macedonia Church of Christ

There were whispers under checker-cloth tables that faded as the sunset grew near 

then a deacon in blue said "it's time to let loose" the healing sting of tears

then came the Hellfire and Brimstone, and choir from the county fair
mud-bound green robes swaying towards the water, with leather tongued  bibles in the air

they were praying for those Nicotine fingers and jailhouse tattoos,

the blood stained, insane, bankrupt, and abused - they went blind into the water

buit they came out right at the Alabama Macedonia Church of Christ

There were family ghosts drifting in the trees, there were angels in repose

bleach blond debutantes playing steel guitars and feeling way down deep in my soul

no more Nicotine fingers and jailhouse tattoos,

blood stained, insane, bankrupt, or abused - they went blind into the water

buit they came out right at the Alabama Macedonia Church of Christ




Here's courtesy beep for you, harmonic GigaHertz to relay number two
Don't leave em in this half-duplex hang time, my rectifier is on the line

Propagation regulation is a shame, modulation is my primary thing

but baby your impedance is too high, if i could just get through your transmission screen

we'd both be grounded and loving our frequency

I'm center-loaded, but in decibel hell, i'm bouncing signals off the clouds for your love

you got me bound up in GigaHertz I might spark-gap in the skip zone

honey, baby, please don't pull the plug on me

Will my message ever reach your ears? transistor love is such a bitch to hear

baby let my keep your chasis ground, i wanna hear and touch and kiss all your FM dBs

so lets get grounded in the elements of what we could be 

and start loving transistor-ly


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